Narcotic Addiction – Motives, And Foundation

 Most often, people try narcotics for the first time in the puberty. Curiosity, desire to feel like adults, to distinguish themselves from their peers… These are the most common motives of experiments with psychoactive substances.

It is interesting that often even children from families where they talked with their parents about the danger of narcotics, accept the suggestion of the peers to try some drugs. The teenager sees no danger in marijuana or tablets, even in heroin, because his friends are taking it, and that is unlawfully giving all the note of excitement and personal courage. No one thinks about the consequences. The very idea of becoming a drug addict can cause a sweet smile.

“How come I’m suddenly a junkie? I’m so smart, nice, I have a strong character, I’m in sports, and drug addicts are losers, sick people … No, I can take it sometimes, something, but I’ll never become a drug addict” – it’s a psychological defensive mechanism in the teenage consciousness.

 Forming addiction

AddictionWhen someone starts using drugs, it is just the question of the time when dependency will be formed. Laboratory mice, rats, dogs, all of them preferred heroin instead of food after trying it. About the same thing happens with a man. There are known cases when criminal groups deliberately turn men into addicts in order to establish total control over them.

After a month of regular use of heroin, the desire to be under his influence becomes the main preoccupation. Everything else loses its character, there is a life or death need to take it. When it starts to work, it’s very difficult to stop, it usually takes a few years deception until the patient admits to himself that he has fallen into a drug trap (if he lives that long). It’s a difficult moment when you become aware of your powerlessness over narcotics. A drug addict spends all his money on narcotics, he or she borrows, steals and thinks that it’s about temporary financial difficulties, that he will be fine – but he won’t, not without help.